Shill Series: Vechain and Valhalla

“All door-ways,
before going forward,
should be looked to;
for difficult it is to know
where foes may sit
within a dwelling.”
– Hávamál Stanza


A shill is classically defined as an accomplice to a swindler, planted to give credibility to a person or Business.  More modernly it has become synonymous with excited investors spreading enthusiasm throughout the internet.  The Shill Series begins a new category exploring investments with heavy social media trending and to discern the validity of the hype.

Episode 1 begins with the self titled shillmaster (Coca Cola Kid) who like the phoenix in recent posts, bursts from the ashes with fiery hints to Upcoming news.

The reports pertain to Vechain, a crypto asset that seeks to be an Enterprise-focused dApp/ICO platform for products and information. It aims to connect blockchain technology to the real world by providing robust infrastructure as well as IOT integration and pioneering in building real world applications. This is being achieved through partnerships and collaborations with innovative brands and industries.

Although a large team is constructed and working, the face of Vechain is currently undergoing an overhaul.  The current foundation will convert from VEN to VET symbols and establish wallets with Proof of Stake components.  VET that is staked in the wallet will earn an additional currency (Thor) at a daily rate. (Roughly 1 Thor per 2400 Vet per day; ThorCalculator).  There is information available on PoS and Vechain rebrand out there so won’t load up here.  The marketing rebrand is in a week with mainnet launch in the following quarter.  Thor generation starts at that time and the calculator allows you to speculate the value of Thor annually.  For example, if Thor is worth $10, 10,000 VET makes roughly $20,000 annually.  As a fan of passive income, I can’t hate this additional Yield.

As someone who is proud of their Norse heritage (Torgerson represent), the rebrand elements speak to me.  The staking nodes carry names like Mjolnir (Thor’s hammer) and Thrudheim (Thor’s home).  The early adopters shill and defend Vechain like they are the heroes that the Valkyries will carry to Valhalla in the legends of old.

One of the more interesting things about Vechain have been the images from Coca Cola Kid social accounts. They consistently delivers news of upcoming partnerships.  Some of the hints have yet to be announced but one can infer that there are other press releases that are drafted but have not yet hit the official newswire.  The messages themselves must be deciphered as to their true intent and are worthy to unlock.  Let’s gaze at the runes of CCK this morning:

A few things stick out here to those who have seen.  The capitalized items in the first paragraph spell out YIDA.  A partnership between Yida China Holdings Limited and Vechain was published within minutes of this tweet.  Yida is primarily focused on property development and management which would explain the context of the first paragraph, “management”, “enormous zones”.

The opposite paragraph spells out BMW.  This partnership however has not been announced and we should not immediately assume that this post would price it in.  There is definitely some other breadcrumbs out there, particularly in this video from Vechain that clearly displays the BMW body (min:sec 1:10).

There are other items to pull out of this cypher but initial Evidence provided should illustrate the point.

So….what to do now….  There are some that would say wait for the rebrand to occur (Buy the Story, Sell the News; BtSStN as they say) to get in a good price.  Others may argue there is enough pent up news that has yet to be announced.  From the whispers of BMW to PBoC to Cisco that it would be wise to at a very minimum start to dollar cost average into the market now and continue until full launch later this year.  This Hedges the risk of a potential drop while catches the upside swing of the rebrand if there is staying power, particularly from other announcements waiting to uncoil.

Shill Grade: – Partnerships grant legitimacy.

I am not going to give any personal recommendation as to what to do with your dollars, bitcoin, or any other IoT asset but would not be afraid to be into the red with Vechain.

Fact 1: VEN is up 20% at the time of this writing since the announcement this morning.

Fact 2: The Norse goddess Freya possessed a cloak of falcon feathers that allowed her to take the shape of a falcon and fly like a bird.






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Eric's expertise in the consumer product development world keeps Sneaky Falcon on the lookout for investments in ground-breaking products at start-ups and established, publicly traded companies.
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Eric's expertise in the consumer product development world keeps Sneaky Falcon on the lookout for investments in ground-breaking products at start-ups and established, publicly traded companies.

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