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I’ll be Next Door for Christmas – Cinvesting

I’ll Be Next Door for Christmas is the best movie you have yet to hear about but soon will.  Why?  Most importantly, it has not been made yet and is set to release in 2018.  However, it is all the talk in the Christmas movie circles and is perfect for people who...

Avocado Toast as Ice Cream

I really should have wrote about this a week ago but it is still fresh so going to talk about it now.  Basically a rich guy in Australia, Bernard Salt, says millennials are fucking up because they go out and spend $22 on avocado toast on the weekend and should be...

Viva la Revolucian and Greatest 2 minutes in Sports

How to impress friends at bars while guzzling the finest well tequila: It’s Cinco de Mayo, which people think is Mexican Independence and thus should be celebrated like the July 4th equivalent, just replace the hotdogs with the universal Mexican hotdog, the...

Fyre Festival – Where can I invest?

They say hindsight is 20/20 and never has it been more clear in this case that the Fyre Festival would have been a more successful investment over Republic Airlines (RJETQ) over the last 6 months.  At least I could have left with a story, one of those shitty cheese...
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