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Time to Let the Falcon Fly…

Falcon Finds is a monthly curation of the most interesting things found and shared by the Sneaky Falcon team. These are the articles, ideas, businesses, and more discussed by the group in the month of May.

“I only look at spreadsheets during business hours.” – Dan and Amanda, apparently

Bentley is Building us a Custom Company Car

Ok, so not really.

But they are building a new $230k luxury falconry-outfitted SUV for Saudi princes, or whomever has $230k to blow on a car to drive their falcon into the desert to do falcon stuff with.

Seriously, this is a thing.

Because who can’t afford to sacrifice some trunk space for a falcon perch and whatever else the hell goes in that custom-made falcon storage box.

Worried about your dog scuffing your cheap vinyl seats? Those are falcon talons all up in that imported baby cow leather.

We will need to pick a lot more winners to ever be able to buy this bad-ass falcon wagon, but I think we can all agree with this sentiment: Time to let the Falcon fly!

The Next Big Short

No, Michael Lewis isn’t penning a sequel to his hit The Big Short (At least not that we know of). However, just like in the book, this hedge fund manager is looking the make some serious money betting against a market. In this case, Eric Yip is betting on the further decline of the American shopping mall.

While Shilp lamented the extra travel time to find another Hot Topic and Auntie Anne’s that haven’t closed up shop, the death of the traditional shopping mall seems inevitable.

Need further proof? There is an entire website dedicated to documenting abandoned or otherwise very desolate malls.

Putting the No in Novavax

Although our portfolio has seen it’s fair share of poor performing stocks since we started, none seem to get as much flack from the team as Novavax. A risky biotech that saw shares tumble after failed FDA trials, our Novavax holdings have basically been sitting dead in the water as the team waits for future success from the pipeline, or for the company to run out of cash completely.

We’ve found that Novavax memes are fun, but being a Novavax shareholder on the other hand…

As the stock saw a brief rally this month, our joy was muted as we were now down only 84% on our holdings. Our emotions were best illustrated by Kanye West’s face:

Later, we couldn’t hold back as Novavax breached $1 per share. Shilp echoed the sentiments of most of the team:

“As soon as I get my money back, I’m selling this steaming pile.”


And so we play the waiting game:

It had so much promise early on:

But now, it feels a lot more like:


Sneaky Falcon Turned 10 Years Old

Another milestone of note for the Sneaky Falcon team. This Memorial Day Weekend officially marked the 10th anniversary of Operation: Sneaky Falcon. This historic event is the namesake for Sneaky Falcon Enterprises, and Memorial Day still holds a special place in our hearts as we’ve grown.

To many more years of business and friendships, Cheers!

“Entering into contracts by yourself on behalf of the Enterprise and unbeknownst to the Enterprise is strictly prohibited. You can do whatever you want… on your own time, so long as you don’t besmirch the reputation and good name of the Enterprise” – Jordan, laying down the law

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