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The following financial update for April 2018 covers all performance and happenings from the month of March, and is based on the latest valuation date of 4/2/2018.

I don’t really know why, but when our stock portfolio held up relatively well in the month compared to the Market, but overall we dropped nearly ten percent thanks to our crypto holdings, all I can think of is that Dennis Green clip:

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Key Metrics

SFE Share Price MoM Change in Price Portfolio Value Cash Overall Return
$10.40 -9.77% $24,303 $3,003 4%

We knew speculating in cryptocurrency was going to be a wild ride. We were fortunate enough to catch a major upswing, but we knew it wasn’t going to last forever and that there was still a ton of volatility left to be felt.

Yes, we knew exactly what we were getting in to with our new digital assets, but it doesn’t make sitting back and watching them decline any easier. And still, we HODL.

2018 Performance to Date

Yikes. Finishing Q1 down 20%. Not really what we had in mind at the start of the year.

We mentioned last month we weren’t hunkering down in the Sneaky Falcon panic room yet, and despite another consecutive month of decline, we still feel the same. The market dynamics of bitcoin and the like are rather disconnected from stocks and the economy, so it still serves best to assess them separately. More on that in a bit.

Transactions in the Period

Date Transaction Type Description Amount
3/1/2018 Dividend ZTS Dividend $4.79
3/2/2018 Sell Sold 50 Shares of M $1,493
3/23/2018 Buy Bought 1 AAPL 4/20/18 Call ($443)
3/26/2018 Deposit Member Contributions $1,400
3/26/2018 Interest Interest on Cash Balance $0.01
3/27/2018 Sell Sold 1 AAPL 4/20/18 Call $676
3/28/2018 Buy Bought 1 AAPL 4/20/18 Call ($358)
3/29/2018 Deposit Member Contributions $75

We injected some much needed cash into the portfolio, dumped our Macy’s holdings, and started dabbling with trading Apple options.

Despite our heavy unrealized losses on the crypto side, we actually raised capital and generated modest profits for the month. So there’s that.

Chart of the Month

You could call this a “Tale of Two Portfolios”. This is the same monthly chart seen above, but with SFE performance split out by stocks & cryptocurrencies. I took a few shortcuts to allocate for new cash added, so this isn’t exactly apples to apples, but the picture painted is pretty clear.

Fortunately, we have only allowed a portion of our total portfolio to be invested in cryptocurrencies, so I guess you could call that risk mitigation.

Bonus Chart

Since Q1 2018 is officially in the books, let’s take another look at our lifetime performance. Last time we showed this, we were riding high off a late Q4 ’17 crypto rally to retake the S&P 500 overall.

And… its gone.

“Live by the crypto, die by the crypto” – the Bible, probably

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