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Welcome to Sneaky Falcon

Born over 9 years ago as a weekend of debauchery at THE Ohio State University, the concept of “Sneaky Falcon” has been alive and well for nearly a decade now, however Sneaky Falcon Enterprises as a tangible entity is truly still in its infancy.

Over the years, multiple attempts to bring the business Falcon to life have occurred. Taking the form of everything from a gift-buying recommendation app, an India-inspired urban clothing line, a portfolio management tool, a plot to “mine” bitcoins, and a record label, these all amounted to little more than whiskey-fueled musings and big ideas with little action.

That was, until the fall of 2014. While that next big idea to strike it rich was not in hand, the desire to bring the extended group of Sneaky Falcons back together was revived. We had been dispersed across the country pursuing our own careers in fields as varied as banking, manufacturing, energy, R&D, consulting, medicine, and government contracting. And it was this exact industry diversity that lead to the most natural next step… world domination… er… I mean…. Investing in the stock market.

Thus through the course of 2015, the groundwork was laid to form Sneaky Falcon Enterprises LLC as a 9ish-member investment club. While it may not quite match the lofty goals of having our own record label, it has been the best decision we have made as a group since throwing that Memorial Day Party back in 2007.

I can already imagine that if you are reading this for the first time, you are struggling to put all the pieces together.

“College party? Vague business ideas? Bitcoins? And now an investment club?”

“And what the hell does some sort of sketchy falcon have to do with any of this?!”


Above all else, we are a group of friends fascinated by business, entrepreneurship, & the stock market. We have formalized that interest by pooling together our money, presenting stock recommendations, and having pissing matches over what to invest in. We also happened to host a series of parties uniquely named Operation: Sneaky Falcon (a post for another day), and the name has since stuck as a label for our future ambitions and projects.

If you are onboard with that explanation, or otherwise have suspended your disbelief, the next question you probably have is

“That’s cool… And falcons are cool too I guess. Regardless, what am I doing here?”


The answer to that will be ever evolving.

We aren’t Wall Street experts. We aren’t Silicon Valley big shots. We don’t have all the keys to getting rich quickly. We don’t have a lot of letters like PhD or CFA after our names. We aren’t overnight success stories. We’ve never worked a day at any hedge funds. And we’ve never been invited to pitch on Shark Tank. Shit, we haven’t done much, have we?

But we have started down this path of investing and entrepreneurship. We aren’t preaching from an academic ivory tower, we are living and learning through our own real business every day. We have made mistakes (Damn you Novavax!) but our performance isn’t tied to our bonus or some client benchmark, so we have the opportunity to get back up, learn, and switch to eating only Ramen.

After going at it for over a year, we’ve decided to open up the hood to the entire internet on how we got our business started, the stocks we’ve invested in and those that we are watching, and provide a bird’s eye view (pun most definitely intended) on the day-to-day behind running Sneaky Falcon Enterprises.

So, what you can expect here if you keep coming back in the future:

  • Plenty of riveting businessy business talk about businesses that are doing business things
  • Updates on our own portfolio performance, mediocre stock recommendations, and our investing approach
  • Humor dryer than OPEC’s expected oil revenue streams
  • An open window into the minds of the Sneaky Falcon brain trust (spoiler: there’s not a whole lot going on in there).


Again, welcome to the world of Sneaky Falcon. We hope to go break the boundaries of the traditional definition of an “investment club”. As you will read through the voices of all the members, we are anything but “traditional”. You have just taken a seat on the bus to Stock City; Buckle Up!

See you at the top!

Sean S

Sean S

Sean has combined his banking experience, analytical & financial background, and passion for business to lead Sneaky Falcon Enterprises as a founding partner and its CFO. He's also still patiently waiting for Lending Club's stock price to rebound.
Sean S

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Sean S


Sean S

Sean has combined his banking experience, analytical & financial background, and passion for business to lead Sneaky Falcon Enterprises as a founding partner and its CFO. He’s also still patiently waiting for Lending Club’s stock price to rebound.

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