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We at Sneaky Falcon often find ourselves on the cusp on innovation, the fringe of forward thinking, and the very cutting edge of what it means to be an investment club lifestyle brand and blog. So I’m about to do something equally original, and angrily rant on the internet in a new section, (also very originally), entitled “This is a Rant”.

That was sarcasm. Keep up…

Today’s topic: The new Google Finance sucks.

If you aren’t familiar, shame on you. I mean Google Finance was a stock market web app from Google of yesteryear that you could use to research stocks, track portfolio performance, and view related financial news. I’ve been using it since I started investing, and it has been a useful tool for me ever since. A few months ago, Google announced it was making changes, and now they are finally all live, completely replacing the original version.

I know what you all are already thinking: “Does it really suck, Sean? Aren’t you being a little dramatic? Why are you using Google Finance still anyway?”

First of all, yes it does. And secondly, shut up. This is my rant. Facts don’t matter in internet rants, that’s how it works. Again, keep up…

Before I break down my astute point of view, a bit of background on why I care.

Google Finance’s Portfolio View was actually pretty good

Damn right it was.

Sure it had its bugs and limitations, but it could track transactions, report dividends, and give you insight into all most of your investments. It wasn’t just a watchlist, but a real view of your asset value. In real time.

Yes, your brokerage has plenty of tools for tracking value and performance. But who is using one brokerage? Creating custom portfolios that may span multiple accounts in one place? An awesome idea… That’s now dead.

Oh yeah, and didn’t I mention it was completely free?

True, the big G has been warning Finance users for months now that the portfolio feature was getting sunsetted as part of the update. But it finally happened this week. It’s just gone.

Can’t talk shit on the roll out. It didn’t disappear over night. However I figured I was sacrificing my beloved portfolio features for some other new, more powerful tools.

Of course not!

Leading me back to my original point – The new Google Finance sucks.

Seriously. What is this shit?

Even digging deeper into a company leaves much to be desired.

I’d really just rather have the bare minimum of value with a hastily applied brand new coat of visuals, please. Said no one ever about the previous version of Google Finance.

As I’m reading what I’ve wrote, I realize this clearly not internet ranty enough. To Twitter!

Exactly. Think I cherry picked those tweets to blindly support my opinion? You are right I did! Welcome to 2018.

So why am I so bitter about all this?

Because I loved Google Finance, in spite of it’s flaws.

It was the first place I’d go to check Sneaky Falcon’s portfolio as well as my own holdings. And I was there daily, if not more.

It was like a friend that I could rely on to tell me “Hey, today’s gonna be a good day!” or “Shit Sean, did you just see that?” or even “OH MY GOD, EVERYTHING’S ON FIRE!! AHHH!”

And now thanks to some mediocre, low-level product exec trying to make a name for him or herself, we are left with this steaming pile. And my friend is dead in a gutter somewhere south of Mountain View, CA.

Will there be improvements via future iterations? I don’t care.

Can this be salvaged? Shut up.

So what are we, the legion of Google Finance faithful, left to do now?

Try googling “alternatives to new Google Finance”. Unsurprisingly you’ll find a lot of people asking the question, with very few answers. There are some sites peddling paid replacements, but it was free though. I want to invest my money, not pay money to see how my other money is being invested.

What about Yahoo! Finance? Do I look like my dad or like I still have a Hotmail account? No thanks.

Just use my brokerage’s tools? Yeah, ok. Let me just spend the next 20 minutes signing into all those accounts and piecing my total investment picture together. I clearly have nothing better to do.

Have you heard about this thing called wikinvest? Yeah. I have. It’s pretty decent. And can link directly to my brokerage, which is cool if you are in to giving out your brokerage credentials. And beyond viewing your portfolio, its features are fairly limited.

So really, the answer is suck it up, or build something out on your own. We are working on the latter.

The new Google Finance sucks, clearly caters to a completely different audience than the original, and is borderline unusable. Thanks a ton Google!

End rant.

What are you using to track your portfolio now that Google Finance has killed off it’s portfolio? Do you think the new Google Finance sucks, or am I wrong? Let us know in the comments!

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