The New Google Finance Sucks – This is a Rant

We at Sneaky Falcon often find ourselves on the cusp on innovation, the fringe of forward thinking, and the very cutting edge of what it means to be an investment club lifestyle brand and blog. So I’m about to do something equally original, and angrily rant on the internet in a new section, (also very originally), entitled “This is a Rant”.

That was sarcasm. Keep up…

Today’s topic: The new Google Finance sucks.

If you aren’t familiar, shame on you. I mean Google Finance was a stock market web app from Google of yesteryear that you could use to research stocks, track portfolio performance, and view related financial news. I’ve been using it since I started investing, and it has been a useful tool for me ever since. A few months ago, Google announced it was making changes, and now they are finally all live, completely replacing the original version.

I know what you all are already thinking: “Does it really suck, Sean? Aren’t you being a little dramatic? Why are you using Google Finance still anyway?”

First of all, yes it does. And secondly, shut up. This is my rant. Facts don’t matter in internet rants, that’s how it works. Again, keep up…

Before I break down my astute point of view, a bit of background on why I care.

Google Finance’s Portfolio View was actually pretty good

Damn right it was.

Sure it had its bugs and limitations, but it could track transactions, report dividends, and give you insight into all most of your investments. It wasn’t just a watchlist, but a real view of your asset value. In real time.

Yes, your brokerage has plenty of tools for tracking value and performance. But who is using one brokerage? Creating custom portfolios that may span multiple accounts in one place? An awesome idea… That’s now dead.

Oh yeah, and didn’t I mention it was completely free?

True, the big G has been warning Finance users for months now that the portfolio feature was getting sunsetted as part of the update. But it finally happened this week. It’s just gone.

Can’t talk shit on the roll out. It didn’t disappear over night. However I figured I was sacrificing my beloved portfolio features for some other new, more powerful tools.

Of course not!

Leading me back to my original point – The new Google Finance sucks.

Seriously. What is this shit?

Even digging deeper into a company leaves much to be desired.

I’d really just rather have the bare minimum of value with a hastily applied brand new coat of visuals, please. Said no one ever about the previous version of Google Finance.

As I’m reading what I’ve wrote, I realize this clearly not internet ranty enough. To Twitter!

Exactly. Think I cherry picked those tweets to blindly support my opinion? You are right I did! Welcome to 2018.

So why am I so bitter about all this?

Because I loved Google Finance, in spite of it’s flaws.

It was the first place I’d go to check Sneaky Falcon’s portfolio as well as my own holdings. And I was there daily, if not more.

It was like a friend that I could rely on to tell me “Hey, today’s gonna be a good day!” or “Shit Sean, did you just see that?” or even “OH MY GOD, EVERYTHING’S ON FIRE!! AHHH!”

And now thanks to some mediocre, low-level product exec trying to make a name for him or herself, we are left with this steaming pile. And my friend is dead in a gutter somewhere south of Mountain View, CA.

Will there be improvements via future iterations? I don’t care.

Can this be salvaged? Shut up.

So what are we, the legion of Google Finance faithful, left to do now?

Try googling “alternatives to new Google Finance”. Unsurprisingly you’ll find a lot of people asking the question, with very few answers. There are some sites peddling paid replacements, but it was free though. I want to invest my money, not pay money to see how my other money is being invested.

What about Yahoo! Finance? Do I look like my dad or like I still have a Hotmail account? No thanks.

Just use my brokerage’s tools? Yeah, ok. Let me just spend the next 20 minutes signing into all those accounts and piecing my total investment picture together. I clearly have nothing better to do.

Have you heard about this thing called wikinvest? Yeah. I have. It’s pretty decent. And can link directly to my brokerage, which is cool if you are in to giving out your brokerage credentials. And beyond viewing your portfolio, its features are fairly limited.

So really, the answer is suck it up, or build something out on your own. We are working on the latter.

The new Google Finance sucks, clearly caters to a completely different audience than the original, and is borderline unusable. Thanks a ton Google!

End rant.

What are you using to track your portfolio now that Google Finance has killed off it’s portfolio? Do you think the new Google Finance sucks, or am I wrong? Let us know in the comments!

Sean S

Sean S

Sean has combined his banking experience, analytical & financial background, and passion for business to lead Sneaky Falcon Enterprises as a founding partner and its CFO. He's also still patiently waiting for Lending Club's stock price to rebound.
Sean S
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Sean S


Sean S
Sean has combined his banking experience, analytical & financial background, and passion for business to lead Sneaky Falcon Enterprises as a founding partner and its CFO. He's also still patiently waiting for Lending Club's stock price to rebound.
Torg / January 19, 2018


I think Google just doesn’t want to have a monopoly here. Google want the masses to revolt and create the next best tools and then offer them lots of money for it.

The Stache / January 21, 2018

First your snarky comment about Yahoo Finance… Yes, if you could grow an awesome mustache then you might look like your father. Secondly, what’s wrong with Hotmail, it has served me just fine without a glitch for about 25 years. At least I’m not still using AOL like Grandpa.

Secondly, I think you have challenged the collective great minds at Sneaky Falcon to develop a suitable alternative to Google Finance. It shouldn’t be that hard. Simply mimic the features that you liked that Google disposed of, and then add a few clever proprietary gimmicks. How about when you pick a symbol to look at, 2 or 3 similar stock alternatives come up. I’m thinking like the sector leader is listed, or even better, develop a Pandora like genome that based on similar characteristics lists other stocks that you may like to look into further. Go for it and fly high Falcons!

The Stache has spoken.

Sean S
Sean S / January 22, 2018

Did you pull up Netscape Navigator to leave this comment as well? 😛

I suppose I did not so subtly put the challenge out there. Would the Six Pack Investment Club like to sponsor this project? Maybe work out some sort of mutually beneficial joint venture? eh? ehhh??

Walter / January 22, 2018

I think the new generation of engineers at Google is not as talented as the previous ones. Caught up in the fast mobile world, they lack the depth, creativity and critical thinking. I think they cater very well to the equally inept new generation of users, which sadly makes them look successful, hence the proliferation of sub standard products. Look at the quality of music these days for instance. One eyed king in a blind world. ‘Nuff said.

Mike / March 14, 2018

You could setup a google sheets spreadsheet in your google drive account and access the GOOGLEFINANCE API. most of the features are there from the old portfolios, and you can add all your own custom calculations…

Argon / March 14, 2018

Perfect answer to this mess.

Sean S
Sean S / March 14, 2018

Thanks for the info Mike. I knew Google sheets had some linked Finance functionality, bet never really dug into the full capabilities of the API. Definitely worth looking into as we are already using spreadsheets to track our other financial data.

Mike / March 14, 2018

No Problem, I’m surprised that I didn’t move to google sheets a long time ago. It really gives a lot more flexibility than the old google finance site did to track your financial data.

jason / March 14, 2018

New google finance sucks donkey balls!

Makes me wonder what else are they screwing up and if the stock is worth keeping

Sean G. / March 15, 2018

I thought I was alone…or perhaps Google is squashing all the dissent. I’m Still looking for an equivalent site to the old Google Finance Portfolios…it wash flush full of information all in one tight little package, now it has been replaced by a click-festival leading to nothingness. I absolutely needed this article, it was like a psychotherapy session, thank you.

Vinz / March 16, 2018

Since yesterday the old version was still running, now everything is gone. Not only that the entire watchlist is erased, also no related stock news and also no chart functions. You cannot even display RSI, EMA or MACD anymore. Instead you get now tons of useless and unrelated headlines. The value of google finance is now zero for me and I can only hope that someone at Alphabet realizes in the coming weeks that the usage of the new version dropps sharply. Whoever designed the new Interface seems to have no idea of the stock market nor what traders and investors are researching and monitoring.

Thiago / March 16, 2018

I also need rant. The new google finance sucks!

Why do I need to read the word following 100 times?

Hal / March 16, 2018

new google finance is a dumbed down piece of horse manure. google doesn’t give a damn any more.

Linh / March 16, 2018

Agreed that who ever works for Google and is responsible for google finance has no idea on what investors look for. Probably some twenty something that just got of a newsfeed project. Google mucked this one up.

pembquist / March 16, 2018

I never really used the portfolio feature so that going away doesn’t bother ME that much but the rest of it….??? It really was a great clean information dense site that emphasized the visual display of information. The interactivity of the charts was so easy to use and intuitive. The new version is like someone trying to explain a differential gear with nothing but words while they have pictures in there back pocket. It really is infuriating.

Andy / March 16, 2018

The old Google Finance was an amazing product, where you could watch a list of stocks, pull up price and volume history charts, read news related to the stocks you were following. Simple, useful, perfection.
It was, for a time, one of the only reasons to ever sign up for a gmail account, (still use my hotmail account for email actually).

That NewGoogleFinance is crap for sure… bunch of newsfeeds and no data. Why not put a section in NewGoogleFinance where you can see what Sally had for dinner and “Like” some ads for Kardashian-branded products and shit?

P King / March 16, 2018

Just opened my bookmarked Google finance and it takes me to a Google search engine type page. This is a disastrous backward step by Google. I’d appreciate any suggestions on alternatives. Many thanks in advance if you can help!

TheDogee / March 17, 2018

Like they intentionally gathered a room full of the world’s greatest minds with the objective of “How can we design the suckiest finance interface the world has ever seen”. Seriously blows my mind. Doesn’t anyone try to use what the have created for it’s intened purpose before changing it?

Uncle Dan / March 17, 2018

A giant leap backwards beyond the Dark Ages. What was Google thinking?

jojo / March 17, 2018

new version sucks big time.they need to go back old risen pronto.

jojo / March 17, 2018

new version sucks big time.they need to go back old version pronto.

cmp / March 18, 2018

It beggars belief how a company like Alphabet can turn a great product into a pile of crap. Out of principle I’m now using Yahoo Finance despite it too being terrible. I will not use the new Google Finance website, it is just too painful and every time I (accidentally) load it up in my browser I get angry!

Charlie Mongar / March 19, 2018

Which whizz kid programmer, but complete investment layman with no life experience has designed the “new” Google Finance?
This person should be fired. The person approving it should be fired (seems there is no adult supervision around anymore). What used to be their motto? Don´t be evil. THEY ARE EVIL. It is the old drug pushers´ business model: first get them hooked and then screw the hell out of them. Google is NOT DEPENDABLE and you CANNOT TRUST them (please refer to the part on GoTo / Overture in Steven Levy´s “In the Plex“). Welcome to the new world of Big Data and AI. Tim Wu in his “The Master Switch“ was pretty prescient and his “The Attention Merchants“ clearly spells out the fact no one should ever forget: the USER is the PRODUCT that is sold to the advertisers.

Brian / March 19, 2018

The new google finance is terrible! I don’t see how this new version is better in any way. I truly miss the way that you could see dividend history by dragging your mouse over the graph. That gave a great look at the change of dividends over the years to get a big picture look at the dividend and stock prices

Sheridan Parker / March 19, 2018

One of the biggest plunges in the quality of a product I’ve seen in my 68 years on this earth. The new Google Finance version must have been created by someone who was totally inept. It was the equivalent of going from a Ferrari to a Yugo! Who or whomever created that mess: YOU’RE FIRED!

bart / March 19, 2018

The old Google finance (as of yesterday) was the best app / tool. I no longer use it. Why are they breaking something awesome? Now I am using Merrle Edge and Scottrade (TD now).

Nsurf9 / March 20, 2018

Google? If you listening—Screw up Google Search, like you’ve screwed up Google finance, and you’ll be bankrupt within a year.

Zeus / March 20, 2018

Morningstar offers free portfolio and you can set your columns on what you want to be in your view. Not bad replacement for old Google Finance Portfolio… New Google Finance is useless to me…
Already set up on Morningstar until I find another one that may be better.

ZeWaffleInvestor / March 20, 2018

New portfolio sucks…. they pulled the plug of the old one in my region (Belgium) last week… I am so pissed.
TIme to boycot google and use Duck duck go!

SAM / March 20, 2018


Steven / March 20, 2018

I was excited for the new version!
Aaaand then it come out … My god how horribly can you do something so wrong!
Bad UI/UX at all places. You have to click like 10 times to see all of your portfolio, well and you need to scroll, a lot.
What a disaster. And I don’t think they will fix it, they are notorious for just doing whatever the fuck they think is right.

I guess I will try out the Google Sheets functions, and hope they will not get removed.
Too bad, I had just written a sweet chrome extension to calculate things when Google Finance updated.
Ah well, all down the drain.

Al Mz / March 20, 2018

The best feature of that now-dead Finance was the news column on the right. Where’s that? How to get it back?

John K Dyel / March 21, 2018

The revised Google Finance format is the worst. It’s awkward to use and barely legible in some areas. I will be
switching to another site today.

arman / March 21, 2018

i too hate the new Google Finance page, totally useless. In the old version, i could see the return % based on 1, day, YTD, 1 year etc. where is that here? also in the old version, in the bottom could see the main compatitors. all that is gone, what the heckkkkk. so pissed.

Paul / March 22, 2018

Agree. The new google finance sucks. It’s “pretty” but completely useless. I hate all the new site with 40 pixel fonts and just enough space to put about 5 words on a page. That’s great for artist sites, but for a functional site it just doesn’t work.
Google finance is now disfunctional.

EX GF user / March 22, 2018

As Arman said, they had all the right columns precentage up/down on day and overall, most don’t offer that or miss some other column out, YOU DIDNT HAVE TO LOG IN other than into google which was just always logged in anyway so you could just check your portfolio with one click from any device you are always logged into google, you could see dividend history, obtain last trade price quickly and it was real time.

Quite what they think anyone will use this new offering for beats the hell out of me.

THEY rogered this one up the back just like they did with google latitude which was also brilliant and completely to55ed that as well. I’d stop using google search in an instant if only there was a good alt. and no duckduckgo is also rubbish.

Jack / March 22, 2018

You can use Yahoo Finance with some CSS adjustment using Stylish. Like

vicky / March 22, 2018

Hear Hear. The new google financks sucks ass

JC / March 23, 2018

Totally agree, I can’t find anything in the new Google Finance.
By the way, today’s Dropbox launch day so I thought, let’s check DBX or Dropbox on the top search…nothing, seriously? Google Finance doesn’t know anything about DBX?
Then I type ITX to search for Inditex (Madrid’s SE), no help, if I don’t know the exact stock market, I’m doomed, can’t find it.

Al mz / March 23, 2018

I think they did some more updates lately. Try to see on your phone. Looks much nicer than it was with the old version. News are there. Stock graphs for different periods are there. No portfolio option though, but I’ve done an Excel for that. Sure, need to get used to the new UI, but it’s not as bad as I thought it was.

Sean S
Sean S / March 23, 2018

Agreed Alex, it does appear they have made some changes. Can’t back down from my rant though! Still not doing it for me…

For those of you still looking for a portfolio tool, I’ve started using Wallmine. There is a free option, it also includes crypto, and you can import your Google portfolio directly. Haven’t fully explored all the features, but so far, don’t hate it… Check it out here:

MSM / March 23, 2018

Agree. Really sad to see google finance go. You could tell much care and thought went into it the design and tools. The graphing was excellent, and the ease of editing portfolios was top notch. The new google finance is useless to me. Maybe there are alot of people investing on cell phones or similar justifying redesign, but for me, the desktop experience matters and the new experience is terrible. I’ve gone back to Yahoo finance for now. I don’t love it, but it’s OK.

I have accounts at several brokerages but a consolidated view and logging into all of them is a pain, so I prefer an external site to watch my full portfolio. OF the brokerages I have, I think Fidelity’s charting is very good and I use it regularly. Watchlists at Fidelity are clunky though. Schwab has a very good watchlist format for my use. I haven’t tried their charting much. Interactive Brokers is probably very good also for quotes, but I’m not very good at controlling the interface, so I have some things to learn there. But underneath it all is that it’s a pain to login to brokerages just for watchlists and quotes. I intentionally don’t want devices to remember passwords for security purposes, so it’s just cumbersome to have watchlist tied to a brokerage.

Kathryn / March 23, 2018

Ditto what everyone said. What are they ‘thinking?’ May I share all these comments with Google?

Sneaky Falcon Admin
Sneaky Falcon Admin / March 23, 2018

Yes please haha

Bryan / March 25, 2018

I have previously left Yahoo Finance after their upgrade, and I have now left Google Finance after its upgrade. It is clear that kids and their managers at both shops have no understanding of true investor needs. They seem to think that everything needs to look like a social media site.

The best alternative that I have found is It does not provide all the tools and info, but for me compact design, info one click away, fast charts, news, and minimal pictures and video is what I want.

Pugwash / March 26, 2018

Google finance does now suck
using yahoo to get by but old google was easy to use, update,and clear to see how and where I was losing my hard earned
please bring it back google

DH / March 26, 2018

One of the biggest plunges in the quality of a product I’ve seen, Kinda reminds me of Levis jeans, a perfect product in my opinion. Now they produce Imported crap, from many different countries, sizing is inconsistent, Quality is Crap, now made out of recycled Plastic and the price is higher, keep your Shit!

DKS / March 27, 2018

This new Google Finance is terrible, bring back the original Google Finance ASAP !

josh / March 27, 2018

I agree with the author but Yahoo Finance actually isn’t so bad. It is sort of like a less clean google but you can set up the look to almost look identical to Google Finance. My Yahoo home screen has the news and all my portfolio quotes listed on the sides.

The Pros
(1) Better news stories
(2) more accurate
(3) more data

The Cons
(1) Not as clean
(2) Charts don’t look as good
(3) Can’t see recent quotes on the left side and your portfolio on the right.

Overall, I am mad Google switched but Yahoo is actually a close second though I would go back to google in a second if I had a chance

Michael / March 27, 2018

I had the old URL bookmarked and was getting by for the past few months until recently. This new design is terrible. I honestly don’t criticize often, but this is a site I’ve been using for YEARS and now it’s unusable. I’ve attempted to find alternatives with no luck. I miss simple things, like the ability to choose a customized date and see the percentage change during that time frame on the chart. Yahoo Finance doesn’t have that either. I wish we could aggregate all users discontent with the system and bring the numbers of unsatisfied users to Google’s attention. I miss the old days.

GetRich / April 2, 2018

I still check every day. Still sucks every day. THE WORST.

I hear you can build something similar or even better in drive sheets. Gotta block out a whole afternoon sometime for that. ARG.

RobK / April 3, 2018

You’re 100% dead on and I think you’re a F@$#@%% genius. The new google finance is a POS.

john / April 6, 2018

Just a comment – You are not “Ranting”! You are just stating unpleasant facts – Google Finance Sucks BIGTIME! (no need to feel awkward or apologetic about it). Whoever designed the new Google Finance is clueless. Yes I have returned to Yahoo Finance – no other low (zero) cost choice as far as I can see. I boycott Google Finance site just to send them a message (it snot hard to do since the site is essentially worthless). I think a clueless co-op student designed it – owns no stocks, a poor millennial no doubt!

Brad Lee / April 11, 2018

Did Google just fire all the people who were working on /Finance and say, “Oh, Barry, just put up nothing in its place and no one will care.”?

What’s amazing is what they told us for months and months: “The portfolios functions are going away; download your stuff now or lose it!” They didn’t say, “Oh, and by the way, we’ll basically be destroying every vestige of what made GF so great. Hope you didn’t actually use the incredible amount of functional information we provided. Also, isn’t it cool that we’re saving almost $2 million per year in salaries while we piss off millions of our previously loyal customers?!”

SharkyStock / April 13, 2018

For the past 5 years I’ve used Google Finance. Not just for my own stocks but for following potential new ones, and viewing the history of potential portfolio-worthy stocks, it was an invaluable tool. With this latest change, I find no excitement in checking my stocks. Now I’m forced to use my online broker. Google dropped the ball here.

Gideon / April 13, 2018

Agree to everything you wrote!

the new Google finance feels as if my Granny wrote it, and she’s been dead for 10 years. I seriously think this is some kind of joke that got out of hand, a kind of “let’s see what people say if I release the version the new intern we hired wrote last night after the party”.

Glad to know I’m not the only one wondering why new in this case is much worse than old

Ed S. / April 14, 2018

I started a petition to get the old Google Finance back! Google has responded to as little as 50K signatures. Almost have 2000 signatures as of now. Could use some more!

Ted / April 14, 2018

I suggest using the SEND FEEDBACK button at the bottom of Google Finance to let them know how you feel. I thold them to bring the old Google Finance back! I totally miss the free historic data which I used to automatically calculate all sorts of buy/sell recommendations. I’m using now as an alternative but the historic data is a premium option you have to pay for sadly.

Brandon / April 18, 2018

I hate to burst everyones bubble here, but google finance further Sucks. I never used Google Finance on google, I set up my own formulas and such on google sheets. Most functions still work, and it’s not insanely terrible.

But here’s the kicker…their Shares Outstanding feature is WRONG. Go check. It’s a 50/50 chance your market cap is correct because it for whatever reason is not pulling the right Shares Outstanding for a company. For example: Go google Aphria (TSE:APH). It states CAD $2.508B. But if you check any bank, or virtually any other site, you will see the market cap as of April 18, 2018 is CAD $2.327B. It’s off by $181M lol.

And now my entire spreadsheet is ruined. Thanks Google.

Michael / April 24, 2018

These guys are building a free webapp based on old GF:

I will believe it when I see it, still though, could be our only hope!

Harry / April 26, 2018

New google finance sucks monkey balls! I mean seriously what the hell were they thinking when redesigning?
I cannot even see the company related news anymore. This new Google Finance is a piece of shit!!

Pidge / April 27, 2018

I’m not smart enough to build my own anything as far as the internet goes….so if any of you more brilliant people come up with something extremely close to (exactly like 🙂 the old google finance could you please let me know?…

Tabarnak / May 3, 2018

I was using Google Finance portfolio too. It was an immense disappointment to see it disapear like that.
Yes I use yahoo finance now. The problem with yahoo finance is that I don’t have a graph of my portfolio, it doesn’t manage the cash/dividend/interest. No transaction to deduct from cash etc. Its the best alternative I have beside.
I was using my own excel spreadsheet, using automatic quote sync from yahoo finance which as been stopped. F*
Then I made a google doc spreadsheet to get the quotes from google finance. Well it seams that it doesn’t sync quote after april 30, 2018. F*
What is going on? We cannot get historical quote for free from anywhere now? We cannot do our own analysis? Is it not the purpose of internet to give us more information not less?

wes / May 8, 2018

I agree 100% can’t add anything more than that even the search doesn’t work anymore and i would think google would be good at that. Ranting about things that are annoying. The leave a comment box is all the way bellow all the comments i mean seriously… 😛

TXS / May 15, 2018

The changes they’ve made to Google Finance are the equivalent of a Gmail re-design where in the new version you can only receive emails, but cannot send emails. Now imagine how screwed we’d all be if that ever happened. It won’t of course, but the point is that we would have zero ability to stop them if they ever wanted to implement that. They’ve got us over the proverbial barrel. And this radical change, ableit it in a tiny corner of Googleandia, is a solid reminder of how much we’ve come to depend on their free services (and all assume they’ll just be around, and be “free”, forever).

Google Calender without calendar invites anyone? Google Drive, but you can’t save any files in a Microsoft file format? Google Flights, but you can only search for round-trips?

Good innings.
RIP Google Finance.

Trent / May 16, 2018

100% agree. I was a daily/heavy user of Google Finance. Now…..not at all. I’m using Yahoo Finance, and am actually finding it to be pretty good, in terms of ease of use and power of building a portfolio, and customizing the view with lots of great column/data options. The other major advantage of Yahoo Finance vs. even the old Google Finance: REAL news stories below quotes, vs. a bunch of sponsored crap in Google Finance. I gave up on reading stock specific news stories on Google a long time ago. If I were to put in a lot of time understanding WTH Google has done, and put in a lot more time to rebuild the 15 or so portfolios I built there that go obliterated, I suspect I could get back to where I was, and possibly more. But I don’t have the time or inclination to do that; especially with Yahoo Finance’ portfolio building capabilities, and far superior news feed.

Slack Investor / May 21, 2018

Nice Rant Sneaky … you have captured the mood … I understand they had to make a few changes as the chart components still used flash … but this is ridiculous. There is a great need for the “old google finance” page as it was the best summary page with attached graphics and news …

Google … you used to be the smartest people in the room … now I can see that you prefer flim flam over substance!

Charles / May 21, 2018

You might notice that they also ruined Google News. I think this has to do with their campaign to force all websites to be mobile friendly. In effect, this means that all content must fit in a frame five inches wide. That means that those of us who use laptops or PCs are just out of luck, as half or more of our screen space is now wasted. It is hard to imagine this level of stupidity, but there it is.

yooga / May 23, 2018

The current google finance is indeed much much inferior to the previous version. The old version was a gem, and they replace it by a pile of useless shit. It is beyond description that the once super smart googlers would allow this to actually happen. The designers/developers for the current version likely were too well-paid to care about laboring with stock trading, they don’t need to bother with charting, TA, or portfolio management. Or maybe the best talents have already left the google finance team? (Even if this is the case, the current version sees to have been designed and developed by much inferior minds than those of the previous team. The degrading of quality in google finance is indeed beyond comprehension, especially when it happened in a company that has the reputation of attracting the best engineering minds in the world.)

Creaton Jones / May 25, 2018

We are all wondering what Google could possibly have been thinking by releasing that POS. However, as a result of my quest to find a new solution I took another look at Yahoo Finance. If you can put your “I’m not my grandfather” bias aside for a minute – CHECK IT OUT. I think it is actually BETTER than Google Finance ever was! It has been years but they must have done some major work because I don’t remember it being this good. The one complaint I would have are adds but they are limited.

MESSAGE TO YAHOO (and all other content providers for that matter) – Provide an add-free experience to those willing to pay for it. The entire world is not comprised of college students and cheapskates … we are willing to pay to have you turn off that torturous nightmare called Google Ad-Sense that is polluting the internet.

John / May 25, 2018

New Google Finance can put more ads and make more money on phone. People like ads.

ben / June 4, 2018

We, the investors, need the most accurate and updated fundamental and technical analysis reports, and ratios, instead of viewing IG, FB like hilarious modes for entertainment. Google just found a web designer from somewhere else without any sense of finance and destroyed everything including my saved portfolio.

Empty / June 12, 2018

I’m with the other folks debating selling my google shares. This change is jaw-dropping (in the bad way). Oh how the mighty have fallen….


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