Stone Cold Stunner’d – September 2017 Financial Update

The following financial update for September 2017 covers all performance and happenings from the month of August, and is based on the latest valuation date of 9/1/2017.

Just when you think the stock market is your friend, he turns on you. First, he offers you an ice cold beer, and then, this happens…

Key Metrics

SFE Share PriceMoM Change in PricePortfolio ValueCashOverall Return

STONE COLD STUNNER! Yes, we are Triple H, and the stock market is most definitely Stone Cold Steve Austin in this highly outdated analogy. Is wrestling even still a thing?

Anyway, another rough month. No dramatic news or blow ups. Just a rapid decay of value across the board.

2017 Performance to Date


If we keep performing like this, we are going to wipe away any credibility that we may have cobbled together, and have to shut down the website. Or pivot to writing about funny cat pictures.

In all seriousness, although it looks like we did jack shit this month, we’ve been laying the ground work to wind down our shitty positions and diversify into some other asset types that will hopefully offset some of our losses. And if this website thing keeps moving along, maybe that can throw a few dollars our way as well.

But like repeated folding chair blows to the back, our portfolio is battered and needs a serious momentum swing to turn this match around and get a W. Yes, another wrasslin’ analogy. Deal with it.

Transactions in the Period

DateTransaction TypeDescriptionAmount
8/3/2017DividendCVS Dividend$6.21
8/3/2017Dividend ReinvestmentCVS Dividend Reinvestment-$6.21
8/28/2017InterestInterest on Cash Balance$0.02

Literally nothing going on here. Reinvested our measly CVS dividend. Made two pennies in interest. Totally balancing the hundreds in unrealized losses for the month…

Chart of the Month

I’ve got your chart of the month right here.

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Sneaky Falcon Admin
Updates & news on the website are generated by this author

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