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Falcon Finds is a monthly curation of the most interesting things found and shared by the Sneaky Falcon team. These are the articles, ideas, businesses, and more discussed by the group in the month of June.


Best financial advice ever offered on Twitter. Via Big Qua

 #RAGETRADEs for the People

We are a huge proponent of democratizing the investment world, empowering individual investors to put their money to work just like the big boys. We also love the idea of “Rage Trading”.

Apparently this engineer from Amazon feels the same way, allowing the internet to trade with $50 K of his own money. Leveraging the Twitch game streaming platform, Stock Stream has gamified the trading of real money.

Ballsy choice letting the internet do anything. That’s how you end up with things like “Boaty McBoatface”. But will be interesting to see how it all pans out.

Thank You Internet

This is a falcon. Wearing an aviator’s hat. From a blog called Birds in Hats. That features nothing but sketches of birds wearing hats. What a time to be alive!

It’ll Get You Drunk

Sneaky Falcon meetings have a tradition, nay, a contractual mandate, that an obligatory beverage is consumed before any deliberations may commence. Whether it be a fine scotch, a gin martini, or a craft beer, bylaws are bylaws.

Sean stumbled upon what may be the new official beer of all Sneaky Falcon decisions.

Snake Venom by Brewmeister in the UK. At 65.7% ABV, one bottle is all it will take to liberate your “enhance decision making” abilities.

Quest Management M&A Target?

We recently delved into the seedy underbelly of pump & dump schemes on penny stocks, namely that of Quest Management. The company’s vague and jargon-filled website left us even more confused as to what they actually did. All around sketch city.

Quest Management, meet Medovex Corp. Medovex probably does something medical and vexian and nature, but that is irrelevant. In order to appear more “medical” the CEO did a little photoshopping.

Classic. Via Broke Day Trader on twitter

So… Vegas?

If you haven’t noticed, we have spent most of the month pre-occupied with our first Annual Shareholders Meeting in Vegas in July. Hell, we even bought a casino REIT for the occasion.

But it got us thinking; with our portfolio performance being pretty mediocre this year, might Vegas present a different money making opportunity? No, we’re not talking about gambling… Ok yes, we are most definitely talking about gambling.

The following amusing exchange resulted with the team:

Sean: Is it against the bylaws to gamble with Sneaky Falcon funds if we have quorum and vote accordingly?

Andrew: I believe other investment types are permitted.

Sean: I motion we stake Barrett in a poker tournament.

Barrett: As long I get a cut… We should bankroll Chris for [craps].

Chris: I will happily take the SFE funds to the table. I only require an endless supply of Cuban cigars, top shelf bourbon, and a stool so I can comfortably reach over the table for days on end.

Jordan: If we’re serious about this, I could review the bylaws…other income streams are available to us since the recent bylaw changes.

Adam: The real question would be “What is the best use of our funds?”  1. Actually investing according to our picks.  2. Bankrolling gamblers.  3. Withdrawing the cash and lighting it on fire.

Chris: When craps is played correctly, Vegas house only has ~2% edge on the player…so technically that would be performing best out of those 3 options…


This is why we can’t have nice things. May the dice be ever in our favor…

We’re Rockstars!!

Lastly, in June we were featured not once, but twice on the finance blog directory, Rockstar Finance! Both our “A Flaming Hot Stock Tip (Straight from my Spam Folder)” and “WTF is an Investment Club?” pieces got time on the front page.

rockstar finance

Hosting a great community of money and investing bloggers, we are honored to be getting noticed by the team over there. If you haven’t already, definitely head on over for an awesome collection of blogs covering a wide range of finance topics!


“Highly recommend putting a small amount of money in the 3 stocks/assets you hate the most as a hedge against your dumb self. Works wonders” – via Reaper Capital

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