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The following was adapted from the presentation “Sneaky Falcon Website Update” shared with the team on August 3, 2017. The purpose was to provide an update to the entire group on the progress and performance of the website to date.

As you may recall, the original proposal to start a Sneaky Falcon website was delivered to the team back in September of 2016. It took a few months to get the ball rolling, and the website officially launched in late March of 2017.

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It’s now a little over 4 months later, and we are still going strong. Here are some key highlights (as of 8/3/2017) on how things have been progressing:


  • 43 posts
  • 3.3k total visitors
  • 5.6k total page views
  • 10 email subscribers


Social Media




With only a moderate amount of effort, and a relatively unfocused and non-strategic approach, we have already seen growth in viewers, recognition in the financial blogging community, and positive results.

Although we aren’t getting astronomical numbers that suggest we should quit our day jobs anytime soon, more people than just us and my dad are visiting our website.

The majority of our traffic thus far is coming from Rockstar Finance features and from getting added to their directory. The two giant spikes in traffic is coming from when our featured posts were on their homepage.

Gaining traction from other sources (specifically social media and search) should be a continued focus, but will take time.

Top Posts

As mentioned, we have had two major successes when it comes to posts generating serious traffic. These were featured on the Rockstar Finance homepage, but have gotten picked up elsewhere as well.

A Flaming Hot Stock Tip (Straight from my Spam Folder)” and “WTF is an Investment Club?” have so far received 1.6k and 1.4k total views respectively.

To put this into perspective, our next best performing post, “Beer, Friends, & Terrible Investment Decisions” has gotten about 124. Rockstar rocks!

Takeaways so far

Clearly, getting featured on Rockstar Finance has been to most effective traffic generation technique. We should continue to engage with that community (plus there are a ton of amazing bloggers on there to connect with).

Our most successful posts have blended humor with an informative or educational approach. Continuing to try to combine both elements should be a goal in future posts.

We haven’t been great with social media. Twitter engagement is fairly low, especially when it comes to driving traffic to the website. It will be interesting to see the response on instagram once that gets further along. Are there other social media platforms we need to be using?

“Investing humor” is an under-served niche. I’m still convinced there is a big opportunity here.

People don’t fully understand our “brand”. Ourselves included. We tell jokes. We invest in some stocks. And we say #ragetrade frequently. How do we tie this all together?

As hoped for at the onset of this project, we have quickly established ourselves on the internet, and that has already led to new opportunities for Sneaky Falcon Enterprises:

  • Guest post requests, including sponsored post requests
  • Requests for feedback/advice from other finance bloggers
  • Interest in purchasing Sneaky Falcon Enterprises website. (Yes, someone already asked if we are interested in selling).


Priorities for Remainder of 2017

Continue to Create Compelling Content

Obviously, priority number one is to keep doing what we’re doing, but better. Content is king, and we need to keep creating more of it. Purposefully connecting the dots for people on how all our different posts fit together will be helpful as well.

I also want to find opportunities for creating more shareable content. Things like branded infographics, memes, etc. This can be leveraged on twitter and instagram as well, and hopefully something goes a little viral.

The last thought on content is looking into different mediums. Podcasts perhaps? Video? While we still have a lot of work to do developing the written content of the site, audio and video are huge and still growing channels.

Grow Email List

Email lists are arguably one of the most important components of a blog, and we’ve put very little effort towards growing ours. As noted, we have 10 people on our list. Pop the bubbly…

We should look into creating incentives to signing up (exclusive content) and feature email sign ups more prominently.

That being said, we also haven’t emailed anyone currently on the list. Creating a monthly newsletter or other email content should be developed.

Grow Backlinks to support SEO

Rockstar Finance can’t send us all our traffic forever. The best way to grow traffic, outside of paying for it, is through SEO and generating organic search traffic. While I won’t go into detail on what all that means here, I will say that a key pillar of that is getting back links to our website.

We already have links from blog directories as highlighted above, and I’ve done a few guest posts for other blogs, with links back to Sneaky Falcon. We need to continue to look for opportunities to do more of this.

While there is the tangible result of getting a link, there is also the benefit of growing our relationships and network, which was one of the main goals of our website from the start.

Grow Collective Audience & Reach

All of the previous priorities basically feed into this: growing our collective reach. Whether it be through email, social media, or search traffic, we want to get more and more visitors checking out our website and interacting with us.

Maybe our instagram will blow up? Maybe there is somewhere else we should be engaging? Time will tell, but spreading our brand far and wide is the main goal at this point. We can start narrowing in on more specific audiences as we learn.

Create Monetization Strategy

Why do we want visitors and followers? To grow our website and brand into a business of its own of course!

Sure, we could cheaply slap ads on here, but that would make us literally pennies (although that is more positive than our portfolio’s return…)

However, I think we can do better. I don’t expect this project to make us money any time soon, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t start thinking about it and exploring our options now.


A few months in, and it’s fair to say we are already seeing results. I wasn’t sure if anyone would want to read this, and I’ve so far been proven wrong.

We’ve already built some fruitful connections, and our voice is getting recognized. There are plenty of opportunities for improvement, but we are already doing a lot of things right.

It’s a project that I’m having a lot of fun with, and I hope everyone else is well!

What do you think? Are we focusing on the right things as we are getting started? Do you have other feedback on the site, our brand, or our investments? Leave us a comment!

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