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The following was adapted from the presentation “Not a Stock Recommendation: Sneaky Falcon Dot Com” shared with the team on September 27, 2016. Since this wasn’t an investment recommendation but instead a proposal to create a Sneaky Falcon website, no legal disclaimer reference is even necessary!

Why am I here?

I am proposing the creation of a Sneaky Falcon website. I’m looking for:

  • Buy-in that this might be a good idea
  • Permission to use SFE name & resources (if we agree it’s a good idea)
  • Decisions to be made in order to move forward

Why the hell did I propose this? Why the hell not?

The idea of creating a website for Sneaky Falcon Enterprises was really inspired by a combination of things. First, I have spent a lot of time recently researching content marketing strategies working with Eric on L33T. Chris and I also explored the idea of creating a “Sneaky Falcon Network” way before this whole investment club idea really got started. Also, my past experiences running electronic music themed websites got me excited at the thought of working on something new.

Also, the whole #RageTrade thing. And Adam’s last presentation. And even our absurd group texts during any market event. All of these things got me thinking more about the Sneaky Falcon brand.

Ultimately, however, it was the desire to continue to push Sneaky Falcon Enterprises beyond a simple stock investment club that convinced me to pull together a formal Sneaky Falcon Dot Com presentation.

Taking a step back, what is the Sneaky Falcon mission?

I have no idea how to write a mission or vision statement, nor do I think we need one. However, when I think about why we all are here and what keeps us engaged and meeting every month, I think it boils down to three main things: Networking, Education, and that sweet Cash Money. Let me elaborate.

Sample Sneaky Falcon Enterprises mission motivational poster


  • Bringing a group of people with diverse backgrounds together to share ideas about stocks and business.
  • Having a dedicated group to get opinions & feedback on proposed ideas.
  • Staying connected for personal reasons (friendship or whatever).



  • Learning how to invest in the stock market.
  • Understanding how successful businesses are run and what industries are most promising.
  • Learning how to start and run our own business(es).


Cash Money

  • Pooling together resources to invest in the market and in other ventures
  • Striving to achieve declared financial goals with positive returns
  • Going beyond the stock market to invest in or start our own small businesses


All-in-all, I believe the above “Mission”, our #RageTrade ethos, and our entrepreneurial spirit might really resonate in some corners of the interwebs.


What would a Sneaky Falcon website entail?

Initial focus on subject matter expertise development through content creation

We are already putting a lot of hard work into creating things to share with the group. Why not share our monthly portfolio updates, stock recommendation presentations, and other things we are already doing with a broader audience through the Sneaky Falcon website?

Likewise, we could discuss the process of creating an investment club and running a unique business first hand. That also can turn into a platform to present other projects and ventures we are working on. All of the analysis, research, tracking of news and trends, and understanding of our portfolio holdings are perfect candidates to be developed into new content.

Could then expand to a landing page for:

  • Portfolio businesses
  • Consulting services
  • Tools for new investors/entrepreneurs
  • All things Sneaky Falcon Enterprises!


All with our unique voice

We have this awesome, irreverently professional style to our presentations and communications with each other. That opens to door to plenty of sarcasm and humor. Let’s face it; we aren’t Wall Street or Silicon Valley big shots, so why pretend to be? We begrudgingly do the analysis, but we’d all much rather just crack open a beer.

Basically, I envision an online replication of all of our meeting shenanigans and group text debacles.

Who would want to read this anyway?

Understanding who the audience is for a project like this will be key. Honestly, we will never really know until we get it out there and people start reading, however some potential readers might include:

Young professional disenchanted with their jobs that are interested in business, investing, & entrepreneurship.

Those that are new to investing, interested in starting out or even looking to form an investment club of their own.

Fellow entrepreneurs interested in working with a group of jagoffs like us!

People who enjoy reading about how others have made money, hoping to emulate it (think Smart Passive Income blog).

Future partners or customers looking to vet SFE and open a window into the minds of its members.

(If you are any one of the above, or are reading for a completely different reason, get in touch and let us know what brought you here!)

So… why is this a good idea?

For the group

A Sneaky Falcon website would present an opportunity for us to jointly develop as thought leaders, and the lay the groundwork for future partnerships and investments. It will allow us to for a central hub for all our dealings and knowledge. By developing our website, we can start to form a legitimate public brand, which my generate additional business opportunities (ad revenue, e-book sales, consulting, etc.)

For each of us individually

This will not only form a venue for the group, but provide a platform and audience for everyone’s individual personal brands. Having that may open doors for future business ventures or career moves.

Also, working on the website is a great learning experience. Skills related to content creation, online marketing, SEO, and brand building are important for any business with an online presence.


There is always a but, and yes, there are some downsides. Everything can’t be all sunshine and rainbows. We will need to redirect time, effort, and money to get this started. And even after all that, nobody might read it or care. However, I don’t think we should let that deter us.


This would mark a major turning point for Sneaky Falcon Enterprises, formally taking the first steps beyond existing as just a private investment club, and opening the door to future growth.

By taking the time now to build our online presence and create meaningful content, we can establish a reputation for SFE to be leveraged in future endeavors, enhance our own personal brands, and potentially generate new business opportunities. All of that while growing an audience and providing them with useful resources and opinions for their own development as investors and entrepreneurs.

While there is an immediate ask to help contribute content and allocate some of our cash to fund this project, it’s for an important next step in our long term vision of moving beyond purely stock investing.

We can build a community of like-minded entrepreneurial young investors and solidify the Sneaky Falcon brand and mission. Starting this earlier will only further compound our effort until we decide what is next.

So, do we think this is a worthwhile thing to do? Is everyone willing to contribute to the Sneaky Falcon website’s success? Would the same amount of money and effort be better utilized elsewhere?

Looking Back – April 2017 UPDATE

Since you are reading this now, on our website, we obviously made the decision to push forward and actually followed through on the idea. Although it took almost 6 months to really get it going, here we are.

Many of the questions posed in the original presentation are still outstanding. While we agreed that it was an undertaking that was worthy of our time and effort, the final purpose and goal of the website is still up in the air.

The spirit of recreating Sneaky Falcon’s meetings, inside jokes, and group humor remains a guiding force. What this project ultimately will become is yet to be seen.

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