SFE 2017 Shareholders Meeting Recap – #SnuckedUp

The Sneaky Falcon Enterprises team has made it out of Vegas alive and unscathed (mostly…). As you may recall, the entire team descended upon Sin City for our first annual shareholders meeting. While it is highly debatable what “business value” the trip provided, the entire team agreed that it was an all around great success.

Calling the lovely Aria Resort and Casino home for a few nights, we pretty much checked off everything on our to do list.

We drank, we bonded, we gambled, and we grew as a team. Or something like that…

“This is how we Vegas” – Wise words from the 32 oz Mojito cup at the Aria pool


And Vegas we did. From Top Golf to brunch to the pool to the tables to the Omnia night club, suffice it to say, things got #SnuckedUp! (Yes, we are making that a thing now).

If you were expecting detailed minutes from our “meetings” and “workshops”, you weren’t alone. The formal nature of our shareholders meeting announcement very successfully created a wide range of expectations for the trip.

What Readers Thought We’d Be Doing

What We Thought We’d Be Doing

What We Realized We’d Probably Actually Be Doing

What We Actually Did


Although we collectively lost a nice chunk of money (still less than our portfolio… am I right?!) and said very few business words, our boondoggle was totally worth it. We gathered not just as business partners, but also friends. Memories were made, and even more were forgotten.

And we also did take a home a few key learnings:

  • “But it’s dry heat” is just something desert people say to validate their poor choice to live in the desert. 115 is effing hot.
  • “Old Man Strength” is a real thing. Sometimes the cure for a late night out is to wake up at 7am and go to the gym.
  • Bottomless brunch apparently does have a bottom.
  • There is no smoking in the Bellagio shops.
  • You must have more that two shirt buttons buttoned to enjoy a cocktail at the Cosmo.
  • Hashtags are hard.
  • There is nothing better than sharing fine cigars, a bottle of whiskey, and great friendship by the Bellagio fountains on the last night of the trip.


After making one last “Sneaky Bet”…

Only Adam would think this an acceptable use of $10

…the team departed for our respective homes.

Plans for next year’s trip are already in the works. As we settle back in to reality, we will need to refocus our efforts into making enough money to justify another lavish shareholders meeting in 2018.

Ok, let’s be honest. We are packing our bags for Vegas next year regardless. Just hopefully not in the middle of July next time…

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