The Selloff – March 2017 Financial Update

The following financial update for March 2017 covers all performance and happenings from the month of February, and is based on the latest valuation date of 3/1/2017.

“February is selling season” – some trader, probably


Things definitely slowed down for the group through the holiday season in terms of both meeting and transacting. That all changed this month when the group voted to sell harder than a telemarketer from the Wolf of Wall Street.

Key Metrics

SFE Share PriceMoM Change in PricePortfolio ValueCashOverall Return

Stacks on stacks!

2017 Performance to Date


That’s something we haven’t seen in a while… Positive price appreciation and a monthly return outpacing our S&P 500 Benchmark. Continued momentum in some of our solid medical stocks as well as fortunate rallies in other holdings really turned things around for our portfolio this month.

Transactions in the Period

DateTransaction TypeDescriptionAmount
 2/02/2017Dividend$0.43 CVS Dividend$6
 2/02/2018Dividend ReinvestmentCVS Dividend Reinvestment-$6
 2/10/2017SellSold OSUR$1,325
 2/14/2018SellSold GIG$2,128
 2/15/2019SellSold RJETQ$627
 2/16/2020DepositMember Contributions$300
2/21/2017SellSold TFX$1,773
2/27/2017InterestInterest on Cash Balance$0.03

February was the month of selling, locking in gains from so slow rising winners like OraSure & Teleflex, and dumping losers like Republic Airways. We also successfully exited GigPeak for a profit after months of disappointing performance.

Now with plenty of cash in the bank, we have the opportunity to get back down to picking stocks poised for explosive growth while we wait for some of our ill-fated biotech stocks to turn around.

Chart of the Month


What is the best way to increase your portfolio return quickly and exit a stock position that has been puttering about in a perpetual state of mediocrity for months? That’s right! A buyout by another company. As discussed previously, IDT’s acquisition announcement of GigPeak sent the stock flying higher, which was more than enough to push our holding of GIG into the green.

With the recent string of misfortunes and bad bets gone awry, it was nice to have some news swing in our favor. Because of our sizable position in GIG relative to what was left in our portfolio, this upswing was enough to push the entire portfolio higher, hopefully getting us back on track for 2017.

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