Sean is the New Shilp – May 2017 Falcon Finds

Sean is the New Shilp…

Falcon Finds is a monthly curation of the most interesting things found and shared by the Sneaky Falcon team. These are the articles, ideas, businesses, and more discussed by the group in the month of April.

“Learning how to profitably trade stocks requires a willingness to venture outside one’s comfort zone to see and do things in new ways.” – @MrTradingMentor via twitter


Sean stumbled across this one listening to Planet Money during his morning commute. The team there decided to pursue an interesting project of building an algorithmic trading bot that places trades based off the twitter ramblings of President Trump.

Leveraging basic sentiment analysis, if Trump bashes a company, BOTUS (Bot of the United States) will short it. Likewise, if Trump endorses a company on twitter, BOTUS will take a long position. As of this writing, no trades have been made, but a fun trading idea nonetheless.

Speaking of Stock Market Robots…

Not to be outdone, Sneaky Falcon’s very own stock market robot, Stock Advicebot 2000, had its own excitement this month. While generally filling up twitter with random stock tips and jokes, Stock Advicebot actually picked a winner!

Stock Advicebot clearly suggests that it is time to #RAGETRADE Straight Path Communications on April 5th. Not even a full 5 days later, this happened:

STRP shot up on news of a huge purchase agreement. If only we actually followed its advice…

Want to read more about the stock tip robot project? Check out the Stock Advicebot 2000 project page here on our website.

Is Market Fear on the Rise?

While we recently bet on market stability with our purchase of the Inverse VIX ETN, the bears may be getting louder. According to this Yahoo! Finance article, investors are very nervous about stocks. However in this very telling quote from the article, the length of the bull market run itself may be causing this anxiety, and not world politics.

“What’s notable, however, is that the current rise in the fear barometer is related to investors getting more bearish on potential upside for the stock market than they are explicitly worried about a drop.”


Investors Don’t Care if you Beat Your Customers, as long as you Beat the Market too?

Despite the temporary bad press and public outcry after very physically removing a passenger from an overbooked flight, United Airlines’ stock is weathering the storm well. There is likely some saying about “it’s just business” that applies here, but Jordan’s analysis on investor opinion is probably the most astute: “You might even say that they don’t give a flying fuck about it.” Get it? Because planes fly?

Someone Wrote a Book About us.

Seriously… What is this? And where can we buy a copy?

<Insert Sean is the new Shilp joke here>

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