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The following financial update for November 2017 covers all performance and happenings from the month of October, and is based on the latest valuation date of 11/1/2017.

Finally, an investment club that is making a positive return for the year. Finally, some of our latest efforts have made an impact. Finally, a reason to be hopeful again…

Key Metrics

SFE Share Price MoM Change in Price Portfolio Value Cash Overall Return
$9.07 4.71% $17,825 $505 -9%

The team mostly left our portfolio for dead a few months ago. All our holdings were in the red. We were in the red overall for the year. Things were feeling bleak.

But some positive earnings announcements, better performing recent buys, and a diversification play into cryptocurrency have all mixed to fuel a bit of a rally over the last few weeks.

2017 Performance to Date

While we are not even close to the market’s performance or our annual goal, we are back in the business of making money. Even if it is only 1% gain for the year compared to the S&P 500’s 14%, we’ll take it.

Our stock portfolio was a mixed bag of gainers and losers for the month, so overall flat performance there. However we did collect some dividend income, and also saw an immediate lift coming from our new cryptocurrency holdings.

Hopefully we are setting ourselves up for a nice run through the end of 2017.

Transactions in the Period

Date Transaction Type Description Amount
10/3/2017 Dividend FLR Dividend $21.00
10/11/2017 Deposit Member Contributions $250
10/11/2017 Buy Bought .2545 Bitcoin -$1,250
10/13/2017 Dividend MGP Dividend $29.63
10/25/2017 Currency Exchange Bought 2,448 Ripple (.0862 BTC)
10/25/2017 Currency Exchange Bought 5.633 Monero (.0869 BTC)
10/26/2017 Interest Interest on Cash Balance $0.01

A lot going on this month, with the main highlight being the group’s purchase of Bitcoin, Ripple & Monero.

As mentioned, we have also been collecting some nice dividends on a few of our more recent purchases. While not a core part of our strategy thus far, a little pickup coming from some quarterly dividends certainly doesn’t hurt.

Chart of the Month

Fluor. Effing Fluor.

We put a big chunk of money in this “stable” dividend stock, only to watch that value decline over time.

Not what you are looking for in a buy like this.

The good news? Since sharply declining in August, The stock has slowly been on the rebound. Because it represents such a large portion of our portfolio currently (24.7% as of 11/1), what happens with this stock really impacts our portfolio.

With some big contract announcements and positive earnings, things are already heading up in November, and the rally in Fluor has helped us turn our overall portfolio around.

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