The Slump Continues – May 2017 Financial Update

The following financial update for May 2017 covers all performance and happenings from the month of April, and is based on the latest valuation date of 5/1/2017.

Every step forward seems to be met with another step back. We finally got a big chunk of our cash invested, making one of the biggest individual investments in Sneaky Falcon history. However just as quickly, our bet on stability reversed and we pulled out of XIV.

While we were looking pretty good to climb out of our 2016 hole back in February, we’ve slid backwards and are still down 7% overall.

Key Metrics

SFE Share PriceMoM Change in PricePortfolio ValueCashOverall Return

We finally made some big purchases with our cash, but so far it’s not been enough to fend off the other losers in our portfolio. Zoetis already seems promising, after a big earnings release on May 4th. Hopefully we can also capture some slow upside from Fluor (along with a decent dividend) and turn this thing around.

2017 Performance to Date

The early glow of 2017 has worn off as our portfolio has settled back down to a level below both our target and the S&P 500.

We are by no means throwing in the towel, nor are we sounding any alarms, but this isn’t where we had hoped to be heading into the middle of Q2.

Transactions in the Period

DateTransaction TypeDescriptionAmount
4/7/2017BuyPurchased ZTS-$2,010
4/12/2017DepositMember Contributions$500.00
4/17/2017SellSold XIV$1,729
4/26/2017InterestInterest on Cash Balance$0.06
4/26/2017BuyPurchased FLR-$5,231

Aside from the new purchases, the big news here was the sale of XIV, marking a major misstep by the team. It was highly speculative to begin with, but when things turned south, we dumped it in a textbook #RAGETRADE. Unfortunately for us, this was temporary volatility (as to be expected in an ETN tied to volatility?) as the share price quickly rose back over $75.

Not one of our finer moments. So it goes.

Chart of the Month

While we make all decisions collectively, and thrive or die as a team, there is nothing wrong with keeping score and a little friendly competition. The chart represents the average return (weighted by amount invested) of each member’s picks.

Dan is leading the pack with a string of successful medical stocks. Chris is bringing up the rear after some bad biotech bets. Despite flopping with his Republic Airways pick, Adam is squarely in the middle due to some more lucrative choices that offset it.

Conclusion: While you might try to conclude that Chris sucks and Dan is awesome (and some of us probably have already reached that conclusion independently), the real takeaway is that we all have a lot of learning left to do on our way to the top.


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Sneaky Falcon Admin
Updates & news on the website are generated by this author
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