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The following financial update for January 2018 covers all performance and happenings from the month of December, and is based on the latest valuation date of 1/2/2018.

Holy cryptocurrency, batman! We’ve joked about our recent shift to “Crypto Falcon Enterprises”, but the boost our portfolio has seen over the last few months thanks to our alternative investments is no laughing matter.

Not to mention our stock portfolio is continuing its comeback as well!

Key Metrics

SFE Share Price MoM Change in Price Portfolio Value Cash Overall Return
$12.89 25.77% $28,471 $83 29%

This is what we’ve been waiting for! Now that our second full year has come to an end, finishing with a 14% annualized return isn’t anything to be ashamed of.

Our total portfolio value is creeping up on $30k too. We will need to replenish our cash or liquidate some positions to keep making moves, but right now, we are sitting pretty heading into 2018.

2017 Performance to Date

To the moon!

We clearly prefer the winding road less traveled to get us to our destination. The Q4 rally we had was one for the ages! We smacked both the S&P and our 20% annualized target for the year.

Transactions in the Period

Date Transaction Type Description Amount
12/1/2017 Dividend ZTS Dividend $3.99
12/7/2017 Buy Bought .08476 Bitcoin -$1,500
12/8/2017 Sell Sold 16 shares UA & 16 shares of UAA $450
12/13/2017 Buy Bought 50 Shares of M -$1,297
12/26/2017 Interest Interest on Cash Balance $0.01
12/28/2017 Dividend IFLY Dividends $12.64

A few points of note:

We quietly bought some more Bitcoin. While we do plan on converting that into some other various cryptocurrencies, given the holidays and our indecisiveness, it’s still currently sitting in Bitcoin. Given all the market noise already in 2018, tbd on where that money will go, and how much more we will consider diversifying into crypto.

We finally put Under Armour out to pasture. We bought high. We sold low. We hung on way too long before finally deciding to cut our losses. Hopefully we can learn from our mistakes on this one.

Lastly, we took up a position in Macys. Despite all the retail woes of 2017, we think Macy’s got hit unnecessarily hard and was actually undervalued. Classic throwing out babies with the bath water, or something. Hopefully strong Q4 results fuel a quick rally in February upon earnings release.

Chart of the Month

So where has the money really come from? Freakin Ripple!

While our Bitcoin and Monero holdings drove our early success, Ripple absolutely took off in December. Since we bought in October, it’s up nearly 1,100% which is insane. If only we had more money in play, we’d be shutting down this website and retiring to a beach somewhere. So it goes.

Bonus Chart of the Month

Thought it be worth showing last month’s lifetime performance chart again, with a completed view of Q4.

We are right at the performance of the S&P since our inception. In fact slightly ahead. So we are beating the market. And that is what we are all really here for!


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