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Voleo is a mobile app for iPhone and Android that is hoping to simplify the process of starting investment clubs, and remove the barriers in place to investing with friends.

Having gone through the lengthy process of starting Sneaky Falcon Enterprises, their mission immediately resonated with the team here. The team is excited to support this young FinTech company, and look forward to how they will continue to innovate investment clubs, a niche area of finance ripe for disruption.

We invited Thomas Beattie, the CEO of Voleo, to come by and do an interview with us. We discussed how Voleo is planning on helping young folks invest with friends, got some of Thomas’s best (and worst) investing advice, and even talked favorite falcon breeds. See the entire interview with Thomas here.

Thomas also invited our CFO, Sean, to head over and do a guest post on the Voleo blog. He covered Sneaky Falcon’s own journey to start our investment club, highlighting how having the Voleo app 3 years ago would have got us started in days instead of months. Check out Sean’s post on Voleo blog here.

If you’d like to check out the Voleo app for yourself, download it today and get started with your own investment club!

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