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Stock Street Blog


The Stock Street Blog is an investing and personal finance blog created by our friend Robbie. Covering everything from how to make more money, to explaining index funds, and even following Robbie’s own investing journey, it provides a unique take in the personal finance blogosphere. And we love Robbie’s eerily similar sense of humor…

Robbie stopped by Sneaky Falcon to share some of his worst investing experiences. He recalls a discussion over a few beers with his friend Pat that ended in a completely un-informed purchase of GoPro stock that resulted in a 90% loss. Read his entire guest post here.

In a sign of good friendship, Sean penned his own guest post on Robbie’s blog. Articles sharing investment advice, strategies, or breaking market news are a dime-a-dozen. Sean shared some lessons learned on investing with friends, after years of experience investing as a group here at Sneaky Falcon. See Sean’s post for Stock Street on investing with friends here.

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