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Rockstar Finance

rockstar finance


Rockstar Finance is an incredible community of personal finance, money, and investment bloggers that have graciously accepted us as one of their own, despite our shenanigans. They offer a great platform for those blogging on financial topics to get some added exposure, as well as a constant stream of new reading material for anyone interested.

They share great content from the community daily (we’ve even been featured twice!) You can also find a complete directory of all their bloggers. It includes added categorical info so you can filter for the exact topics you want to read about.

We are wildly appreciative of the support they’ve already given us, and can’t thank J Money and team enough. The extra eyeballs on our site their referrals have generated don’t hurt either.

So far, the following articles have made it on their front page:

Be sure to check Rockstar Finance out for a never ending supply of financial wordage!

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