This is Fine – June 2017 Financial Update

The following financial update for June 2017 covers all performance and happenings from the month of May, and is based on the latest valuation date of 6/1/2017.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Maybe a meme is worth the 30 or so I could use to summarize the last month.

This is fine.

Key Metrics

SFE Share PriceMoM Change in PricePortfolio ValueCashOverall Return

Double digit overall losses. Falling share price. Lots of holdings in the red.

If we were a publicly traded company, activist investors in Sneaky Falcon would be coming for blood.

But we aren’t. The vultures circling above are just in our heads. We’ve hung on to some losers, and not picked many recent winners.

This is fine.

2017 Performance to Date

S&P 500 ↑

Portfolio ↓

This is fine.

Transactions in the Period

DateTransaction TypeDescriptionAmount
4/7/2017DividendCVS Dividend$6.15
4/12/2017Dividend ReinvestmentCVS Dividend Reinvestment-$6.15
5/26/2017InterestInterest on Cash Balance$0.03
5/30/2017DepositMember Contributions$200.00

Not much to see here. May was basically a holding pattern for us while money continued to trickle in via our minimal CVS dividend, and a few hundred in member contributions.

These few dollars added to the portfolio were quickly erased by the unrealized losses of mainly our Frontline, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Fluor holdings.

This is fine.

Chart of the Month

This chart is a great way of getting a quick read on how a portfolio is doing. While it doesn’t allow you to get into the weeds of what is driving performance or give any comparison to what the overall market is doing, it does provide a nice overview.

Simply put, its a comparison of the dollars invested ($ Contributed) versus the value of those dollars ($ Portfolio Value). When the value line is greater than the contributed line, as highlighted in green in the chart, your investments are generating a positive return. Otherwise you are losing money.

As you can see, 2016 was looking pretty solid, until September. Since then, we’ve continued to add money, offset by continued deterioration of asset value.

This is… NOT FINE!

Someone get a fire extinguisher and put out this dumpster fire that is our portfolio.

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Sneaky Falcon Admin
Updates & news on the website are generated by this author
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