Against All Odds – February 2017 Falcon Finds

Against All Odds…

Falcon Finds is a monthly curation of the most interesting things found and shared by the Sneaky Falcon team. These are the articles, ideas, businesses, and more discussed by the group in the month of January.

 “Go for a business that any idiot can run – because sooner or later, any idiot probably is going to run it” – Peter Lynch

Rage Trading on Reddit

There’s a subreddit called Wall Street bets, where they basically just rage trade all day. Sounds like we’ve found our home.

Dead cat bounces

While watching portfolio embarrassment Republic Airways rebound to $0.60 a share from its lowly bottom of $0.06 a share in less than a week (reminder: Sneaky Falcon bought in at $0.92 before the free fall), the group lamented the missed chance to recoup some losses by buying more.

The grief cycle then turned to trying to explain the unprecedented rally when there was no news, no analyst opinions, no nothing. Adam put a halt to all speculation, citing the dead cat bounce phenomenon. Because “even a dead cat will bounce if it falls from a great height”. And Republic Airways certainly fits the bill of a dead cat.

How the stock market really works, probably


Can you build a startup in a day?

Some companies take lifetimes to start, develop, and grow. Others take only a day. This LinkedIn article reveals how focusing on simple action can result in an actual business. We could apply more of those action-oriented principles around here.

“And remember that against all odds we managed to overcome our collective laziness and started an investment company that still exists over a year later. If we are capable of that, we can do anything.” – Chris, Sneaky Falcon Enterprises CEO

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