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The Dip has Multiple Layers…

Falcon Finds is a monthly curation of the most interesting things found and shared by the Sneaky Falcon team. These are the articles, ideas, businesses, and more discussed by the group in the month of February.



February was a rough month. Volatility emerged out of nowhere. XIV, the inverse volatility fund, got absolutely destroyed in one trading session. And bear market naysayers all came out of the woodwork to a chorus of “I’ve been telling you so for the last 8 years!”.

Needless to say, pundits and twitter personalities alike were scrambling for explanations and top calling. They were, amusing, to say the least.

With the Dow Jones in free fall mode, Jordan and Keenan Thompson’s Steve Harvey Impersonation begin the panic.

Jordan: “Anybody else freaking out? Because I’m freaking out.”


You are freaking out, man.

Yes, Donald Trump got involved too, trying to “fix the market”.

An interesting new theory emerges, as it appears more obvious that algorithmic trading further drove the market lower. The machines have become sentient.

After the dust settled, it was time for self reflection.

All-in-all, it appears February was a brief correction, as prices rebounded through the remainder of the month. Maybe a reminder from the markets that bull runs aren’t forever?

Nahh. To the Moon!

Win a Video Game, Get a Bitcoin

In lighter news…

Nothing will bring you back to your childhood (or your last night, no judgement) than a video game. Ah yes, the simple pleasure of running around as a little Italian plumber massacring mushroom people and turtles.

Well, if you like video games and puzzles and winning cryptocurrency, check this out! All you have to do is solve all the puzzles, and you are in the money!

Speaking of Bitcoin…

What a wild ride!


Amanda, get us that #RAGETRADE Branded Flamethrower Merch

In case you missed it, master of misdirection and Tesla/SpaceX/Boring Compnay front man Elon Musk is at it again, dangling big news over here while not delivering over there. This time, it’s not a new Tesla truck, but a Boring company branded Flamethrower. Err… not a flamethrower?

Part inside joke, part fund raising effort, and part fire launching weapon, one thing is clear; we want one!

Apparently so did a few other people, as they sold out of 20k units in a week. What any of this really had to do with a tunnel drilling company is beyond us.

Look for a flamethrower in the Sneaky Falcon merch store in the near future.

Partner up!

Ever trying to grow our brand and stake a claim on the financial and investing world internets, Sneaky Falcon Enterprises is excited to announce a content partnership with team over at CoinCentral.

We’ll be sharing some of their articles here, while adding in our own commentary, in order to better educate you all (and ourselves) on all the technology and happenings in the cryptocurrency world.

Check out this complete guide to Ripple we shared as an example.


Shilp: “When you buy the dip, but it keeps dipping.”

Jordan: “It’s like the dip has more than one layer…”

Torg: “Buy the dip dip dip!”


Stay hungry my friends, it’s only March.

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