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The following financial update for December 2017 covers all performance and happenings from the month of November, and is based on the latest valuation date of 12/1/2017.

Don’t call it a come back.

Actually, that is exactly what it is. Back on target for 2017, and back in the black overall in a glorious return to profitability.

Key Metrics

SFE Share Price MoM Change in Price Portfolio Value Cash Overall Return
$10.25 13.05% $22,637 $2,414 3%

An SFE Share Price over $10? (The price we initially set when we started the group) Not since mid-2016 have we seen that. Our portfolio skyrocketed this month, which injected some much needed excitement into the group.

2017 Performance to Date

Our thoughts?

Seriously though. Biggest single month return in our history, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. This also adds to a 20% rally for our portfolio since the low point in September.

Transactions in the Period

Date Transaction Type Description Amount
11/1/2017 Deposit Member Contributions $1,000
11/3/2017 Dividend CVS Dividend $6.23
11/3/2017 Dividend Reinvestment CVS Dividend Reinvestment ($6.23)
11/9/2017 Income Affiliate Income $200
11/10/2017 Deposit Member Contributions $700
11/10/2017 Buy Bought 55 shares of IFLY ($1,931.24)
11/15/2017 Income Affiliate Income $100
11/17/2017 Income Affiliate Income $100
11/27/2017 Interest Interest on Cash Balance $0.01
11/28/2017 Sell Sold 8 Shares of BWLD $1,240.22
11/30/2017 Deposit Member Contributions $500

A lot going on in November. The team wisely pumped in an additional $2.2k in capital before the big rally, helping to fuel bigger returns, and improving our individual ROI by buying low.

We bought in to the future of the drone economy while dumping Buffalo Wild Wings on news of its acquisition by Arby’s.

We’ve also started to monetize our web presence, starting to generate a little affiliate income on the side. Haven’t fully fleshed this piece out yet, but some extra cash in our pockets doesn’t hurt. More to come as we move forward with this.

The big story is really our Crypto holdings. We put about $1.25k into bitcoin, ripple, and monero, and by the end of November, those assets were worth over $2.5k. We are still treading cautiously, but happy to juice up that return with a little diversification.

Chart of the Month

While 2017 has certainly turned around, we don’t want to lose sight of our overall performance, which is ultimately what matters most. Since inception back at the end of 2015, how have we done?

This quarterly chart doesn’t quite do the roller coaster ride we’ve been on justice. We had big returns in the first half of 2016, but watched our portfolio putter away into the red through the majority of 2017. All the while, the overall market has slowly climbed higher and higher.

While we may be able to achieve our goals in 2017, the hole we dug ourselves into in 2016 has proved difficult to get out of. Also, in hindsight, our “20% target” was probably a bit too ambitious. Not to mention arbitrary.

Thus far in our journey, we may have been better off just parking our money in an index fund instead of trying to pick stocks, but what fun would that have been? We have been learning a lot, and that is a huge part of the overall goal.

With 2018 fast approaching, it’ll be time to reset our goals, refine our strategy, and continue our growth.

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