All is Quiet – April 2017 Financial Update

The following financial update for April 2017 covers all performance and happenings from the month of March, and is based on the latest valuation date of 4/3/2017.

To put things briefly: March was a quiet month. After the flurry of sales and price jumps in February, the remnants of our portfolio have been stable (although still way below the value of original purchase). Things dipped in the middle of the month, but our newest acquisition, XIV, carried the portfolio up leaving us only slightly below our opening value.

Key Metrics

SFE Share PriceMoM Change in PricePortfolio ValueCashOverall Return

The only real takeaway here is we are still flush with cash that is just idly waiting to be invested to start clawing back our losers left in the portfolio.

2017 Performance to Date

For 2017 thus far, we are actually right where we’d hope to be. While we never want to take a step backwards, we are on target, and narrowly edging out our S&P 500 benchmark.

What this chart conveniently doesn’t show is the hole we dug ourselves into last year with the likes of Novavax and Republic Airways. Hence the overall -5% return noted in the key metrics section.

Transactions in the Period

DateTransaction TypeDescriptionAmount
3/17/2017BuyPurchased XIV-$1,995
3/22/2017DepositMember Contributions$500
3/23/2017Dividend$0.15 FRO Dividend$34
3/27/2017InterestInterest on Cash Balance$0.07

We were already sitting on plenty of cash. Despite deploying nearly two grand towards our purchase of the VelocityShare Inverse VIX ETN (XIV), members taking advantage of an already depressed Sneaky Falcon share price continued to refill the pool.

Also, we’ve been quietly collecting that Frontline LTD dividend, which increased to 15 cents per share after falling to 10 cents. Although the dividend is off the high levels from when we initially bought it, this still decent yielding dividend is offsetting the price depreciation FRO has seen since purchase.

Chart of the Month

The VIX is the most common measure of fear and volatility used by stock market traders. When prices swing (or are expected to swing based on options purchases/sales) the VIX goes up. The above chart is the XIV ETN previously mentioned, which tracks the inverse of the VIX. So when volatility is low, XIV goes up.

It’s not just been the last month that has been quiet. The last year has seen steady growth. In fact, this bull market as been officially charging ahead 8 consecutive years as of March 10.

Things feel quiet. Too quiet…

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Sneaky Falcon Admin
Updates & news on the website are generated by this author

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