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Our Story

Sneaky Falcon has been in existence for almost a decade now. What started as an inside joke among friends morphed into a symbolic embodiment of all our entrepreneurial aspirations. While our ideas reached different levels of formation, these ventures ranged from a gift-buying recommendation app, an India-inspired urban clothing line, a portfolio management tool, a plot to “mine” bitcoins, and even a record label. Although ambitious, these plans never gained much traction.

That, however, all changed in 2015.

Sneaky Falcon Enterprises was officially formed in May 2015 as an LLC dedicated to investing and entrepreneurship. Taking the form of a 10 member investment club, the initial business activities of the group have centered on identifying and selecting stocks, making shorter term investments, and hopefully generating huge returns. This has been met with mixed results.

The focus on investing remains, but we all clearly have more lofty goals, and this website is the next step on that journey. We have decided to throw open the curtains of our business, sharing our investing ideas, investment performance, and other businesses we are exploring and working on. We hope to provide full transparency on our decisions and business performance, and ultimately give a unique perspective on the stock market and starting a company.

We are all incredibly excited about this next chapter, and we are happy to have you along for the ride. Check back often for updates and news to see how we are progressing. We are always looking for new opportunities, and would love your feedback and thoughts!

And as always, we’ll see you at the top!
The Sneaky Falcon Team

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